More and more people are incorporating large French doors or patio doors to accenuate the look of their homes, as well as to capture their beautiful views. However, the sad fact is that many homeowners never open these doors up to the outside to enjoy their full effect because of annoying bugs and insects that gain access. We have a wonderful solution - Bravo Motorized Patio French door screens is the answer. A Bravo motorized screen is the perfect marriage of a retractable screen and home automation. We combine the benefits and wonderful features of both to provide you with a simple solution,
A Bravo custom retractable screen allow you to open your doors and allow the fresh air to come in. They allow a natural air circulation without allow the annoying bugs and insects, as well as dust and debris in. The frame on all Bravo retractable products are fabricated from a durable aluminum castings that give you a sturdy, long-lasting screen. The frame and casing are available in a complement of colors that will truly blend into the recesses. Bravo retractable products are made from the finest mesh fabrics available and they appear almost invisible and do not distract from your views. In addition, we have a solar mesh fabric provide great protection against damaging UV rays that fade and discolor hardwood floors, furniture and carpeting. Also Bravo retractable products help reduce heat transfer and keep your living areas cooler and more comfortable. Finally, a Bravo retractable screen cut the sun's glare that allow you to watch TV or use your computer without the sun's glare being a bother.
All these benefits are combined with Bravo's state of the art automation. Yes, with just one press of a button, you can control your retractable screen. At Bravo, we manufacturer the most streamlined, compact, discreet motorized system that will allow you easy, convenient, quiet opening or retracting. Invest in your patio or French doors with Bravo motorization.