Roller shades or roller blinds have a clean, crisp and stylish look that will enhance any room, whether in your home or office. Bravo offers you both manual and motorized roller shades options for your windows and doors. We have a large selection of colors and fabrics to select from.
Roller shades provide more than an esthetic to your living space. They actually work to reduce the amount of heat that enters into your room, thus keeping your space cooler and more comfortable, so less energy is being spent on fans or air conditioning.  Roller shades or sun shades also, help to reduce the amount of fading or discoloring caused by damaging UV rays over time.
Our motorized roller shades allow you convenience and ease when wanting to raise or lower your shades. This is ideal for those high up windows or large wide windows. With our remote control, you can adjust your lighting, the amount of privacy and temperature of your home. Contact us at Bravo to see how we can provide you with the perfect roller shade for your home.