Do you have a great patio or porch area that you are not maximizing to the fullest? Think about installing a motorized screen that will enhance your living space and bring out all its benefits. So are you asking, "What are the benefits of a motorized screen?" Motorized screens provide you with a two-fold benefit great function and a wonderful esthetic. 
Functional speaking, motorized screens are protective. They provide a barrier to keep out irritating, pesky bugs and insects. Therefore, they allow you to fully enjoy your outdoor and indoor spaces without any nasty annoyances. With a motorized screen, you are able to entertain family and friends without any of the disadvantages of outdoor spaces.
While motorized screens acts as a barrier, they do allow optimal air circulation to flow freely through; therefore, ensuring that you are enjoying natural ventilation. In addition, Bravo screens do not distract or obstruct from your views and thus, allow you to maintain the same visibility without a screen. One of the most wonderful  features of our screens is that when in use, you are receiving the optimal benefit, but when not in use, our screens recede back into the recesses of their frame or cassette. So, that when not in use, your screen disappears out of sight. This is great for winters or off seasons, when your screen is not in use. Also, it means that is it protected and maintains its wonderful look and function.
Each of our motorized or power screens are custom made to perfectly fit your living space. Whether it is a patio, porch, lanai, garage, windows, French door, gazebo, skylight, or any other space, Bravo power screens are a great addition.