List of Mistakes To Avoid

1. Reversing width and height when measuring. Width is the side-to-side measurement. Height is the top-to-bottom measurement. The width is always given before the height of the Door or window. For example, an order 48 x 72 would be manufactured 48 inches wide by 72 inches high. To avoid confusion as you measure put a W next to the width measurement and an H by the height measurement. Find out more in our How to Measure section.

2. Not checking the measurements in three places on both the width and height of the window. Use a ladder or stool to reach the top of high windows. Many windows are not square, so the width should be measured at the top, in the middle and at the bottom. Also check the height of the window in the middle and at both sides. When placing your order use the smallest size of the three measurements. Find out more in our How to Measure section.

3 Not allowing for obstructions that will hamper the operation of products. The most common obstructions are inside the window frame are window cranks and handles. We can provide fold down window cranks for most windows.

4 Rounding off your measurements. When measuring for inside-mounted screens, do not round up or down, measure to the nearest 1/16 of an inch. we will make the appropriate deductions to allow the screen to be fitted inside or out side your window.

5 Ordering from someone else. We has the right products for you.

If you are not sure please call Toll Free 1-800-446-16261-800-446-1626 FREE.

Your new motorized screens & shades will provide your family with years of  protection .

General Conditions of Sale
All Bravo Products are custom manufactured to your exact measurements as supplied by you on the order form and paid in full and are non refundable. We can not accept cancellation of order once it is production but we will wait 2 Days for putting your order through if you want to make minor changes. Please call customer service ASAP Toll Free 1-800-446-16261-800-446-1626 FREE. Our policy is here to provide the customer with the best service, satisfaction and the finest products that we offer.

All products will be shipped free of charge by CANPAR or FEDEX ground door to door most of North America any product longer than 94”wide will have extra charges and we will inform you of the extra charges, Some larger shipments that can not be shipped by either above will be shipped by other carriers which will occur extra charges, we will inform you about the extra charges. If you would like any other service please call customer service too free 1-800-446-16261-800-446-1626 FREE to get the extra charges.

Damaged during shipping
We insure your products but it is your responsibility to check the cartons before you sign for them. If you see any damage to the boxes, please inform this to the delivery person and write on the waybill "Damaged" beside the damages parcel(s) and please call us toll free 1-800-446-16261-800-446-1626 FREE with in 48 hrs so that we can start a quick and efficient process.

This service is provided by Ecom Secure Inc a world leader in credit card processing co Gandhi Group Co. Since we have our own service no data is ever sent to any third party for processing we use the most advanced systems i.e. Secure Socket layers (SSL) and is kept in encrypted format. The data is never offered for sale. If you like to order on phone please call toll free 1-800-446-16261-800-446-1626 FREE.

Privacy policy
This is a very serious matter for us to keep all information in encrypted format that cannot be view by any other person other than you are talking to you about your order and is logged. This information is only used to ship the product for delivery purposes. We will never disclose your information to any third party, unless required by law. This policy is strictly enforced and monitored by our systems.

Return Policy
These are custom manufactured products to your measurements and options for this we cannot accept returns. If there is a defect in the product see our warranty. You do need RMA # return material authorization please call 1-800-446-16261-800-446-1626 FREE you will have to ship the product Pre Paid if there is a defect we will repair or replace at no cost to you however if we do not find any fault you will be charged for shipping the product back to you.

Colour Consistence
As you know all computers monitors have different capabilities to display colours differently. For that reason we offer free samples. Please fill the sample requests before you order. There are still variances in colours between dye lots although we try very hard to keep Colour consistencies.

Our limited lifetime warranty guarantees you peace of mind that you'll enjoy Bravo Products  for years to come.

Motorized Warranty
These products are only covered for 5 years (motors & control boards) from date of purchase only products produced starting Jan 2009.

To help protect your purchase and provide you with long-term enjoyment of Bravo products, Bravo Screens provides this limited warranty. Please keep it handy and read it. And if your product ever develops a problem might be covered by this warranty, feel free to call your local Bravo Distributor at 1-800-446-16261-800-446-1626 FREE with any questions you might have. Please fill out the warranty and return to us or online, this Registration is not a condition of the warranty, but help us to confirm that you are the original purchaser. So please fill it out and mail it or online. If you Buy online you are auto registered.

Terms and Conditions
Bravo Products extended this warrants to the original purchaser of Bravo Products that the Products purchased shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for as long as the product is owned by the original purchaser and until the ownership of the product is transferred to next purchases. This Limited Warranty does not apply to: (a) defects caused by modification, misuse, or abuse, or improper maintenance of the product; (b) defects involving subjective personal likes or judgments; (c) all cords & moving parts do wear over time; this is considered normal wear and tear(d) all materials and fabrics will gradually lose Colour intensity after long exposure to the sun (e) This does not cover claims for incidental, or consequential damages. Normal wear and tear and is not covered by any warranty. Warranty does not cover removal, installation or any transportation costs. There will be service call fee after the first year (f) defects caused by any purchaser who did not purchase the product from an authorized Bravo distributor or dealer in the Canada or United States of America; (g) specific components as outlined below:
Limitations On Obligations
The obligations of Bravo products hereunder are limited to repair or replacement (at our sole option) of included parts of the product found to be defective under this Limited Warranty. In no event shall Bravo  be liable for damages of any type, including, but not limited to: economic loss; or any indirect, punitive, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any type, including, but not limited to, time, wages or lost profits, of any nature or kind or for damages to or loss of property, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.
Any implied warranty, including, but not limited to, the implied warranty of merchantability and the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, is hereby limited in duration to that of the express limited warranty contained in this document, unless a shorter period is permitted by law. This document sets forth the entire liability of Bravo products, with respect to Bravo products.Some provinces and states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.
No Other Express Warranties
The Limited Warranty set forth herein constitutes the entire express warranty and representation of Bravo products, with regard to its products. This Limited Warranty shall be controlling over any conflicting terms and conditions of any purchase orders, contracts or invoices that may be executed in connection with the purchase of Bravo products. No representation or warranty made by any Bravo distributor, dealer, agent, representative or employee shall be binding upon Bravo Products other than as set forth herein.

Parts Warranty
Parts maybe free for the orignal owner if they wear out in normal use but  you will be charged for packaging & shipping.

Claims Procedures
Contact your authorized, local Bravo Product representative for service - providing proof of purchase and your claim details. Bravo Product. Shall review the description of the defect, examine the product if necessary, and make service, repairs and replacements as appropriate under this Limited Warranty.
If you are not satisfied with the service you receive at any point during the claim process, please contact us directly at [email protected] or 1-800-446-16261-800-446-1626 FREE
  Conditions subject to change without notice