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At Bravo Windows you are the Boss and we are here to help shine some light on all the options and combinations. We want to ensure you get the most enjoyment from your windows and doors because you are the one who is going to be looking at them every day! 

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Colour Options



White (Textured)


Burnt Almond
Desert Grey
Chocolate Brown

Dark Grey
Medium Brown
Moss Green
Dark Green

Wood Options


Natural Oak

Rustic Oak

Dark Oak 
Golden Oak
Black Cherry

Glass Types

Windows are a crucial part of your home or building. They provide light and views for visual stimulation and a connection to the outside world. They enhance the character, create a facade making them function inside and out. Since glass is a significant element to a window, care should be taken in the window design. Choosing the right options will maximize energy saving and energy efficiency for your application.

  All of Bravo's products come with insulated glass made from two 4 mm & up depending on the size of the unit clear glass pieces and can be combined with any of the options below.

  Insulated Glass: units consist of two or more hermetically sealed pieces of glass separated by a dry airspace.

  Clear Glass: allows natural light to shine without distortion thus providing maximum light transmission.

  Low Emissive (Low-e) Glass: reduces heat loss and allows moderate solar heat gain while reducing harmful ultraviolet light. Low-e Glass reduces heat loss from the inside of your home with a thin, nearly colorless metallic coating that reflects heat back into your home. The coating also gains solar heat while reducing harmful UV rays, which can damage your interior carpets, drapes and furniture. The Low-e coating can also reduce air conditioning costs by reflecting radiated heat outside your home. Low-e glass is available in two basic types: hard coat or soft coat.

Hard Coat, or pyrolitic coating, is applied at high temperatures and sprayed onto the glass surface. This coating is durable and allows for ease of tempering. Hard coat Low-e can be tempered for increased security after the coating application. However, it has higher u-values compared to soft coat Low-e and higher haze levels.

Soft-Coat Low-e, or sputter coating, is applied in multiple layers of optically transparent silver sandwiched between layers of metal oxide in a vacuum chamber. This process provides the highest level of performance and a nearly invisible coating. Soft-coat offers high visible light transmission, ultra-low emissivities giving optimum winter u-values, and up to 70% less UV transmission compared with standard clear glazing.

1. The Low-e allows most natural light to enter freely but absorbs a significant portion of short-wave heat energy.
2. In the summer, long-wave heat energy radiating from objects is reflected back outside, lowering cooling costs.
3. In winter, internal long-wave heat energy is reflected back inside, lowering heating cost.

  Obscured Glass: adds privacy where window coverings are impractical or not desired. It can also be tempered for increased strength. See our many obscured glass options here. Obscured glass adds privacy where window coverings are impractical or not desired. It can also be tempered for increased strength. Various colours and textures create opaque, semi-opaque or translucent effects. See the pictures below to choose your desired effect.

  Laminated Safety Glass: Combines sheets of glass with a clear adhesive plastic film, which is sandwiched between the panes of glass. If breakage occurs the plastic film keeps the glass in place. The film also reduces sound transmission along with 99% of UV rays.

Laminated glass uses two sheets of glass, which sandwiches a thin plastic film holding the glass in place if breakage should occur. This glass also blocks 99% of dangerous ultraviolet rays and provides a dampening of sound.

Laminated glass is used for both safety and noise reduction applications. If glass is broken the glass pieces are held in place by the plastic film rather than falling freely, potentially causing injury. Laminated glass is highly effective at reducing noise therefore improving Sound Transmission Class ratings. By blocking 99% of UV rays it is an important investment to prolong the appearance of carpets, furnishings, displays, merchandise and other valuables. (Reducing Ultraviolet rays does not stop the fading of materials.

  Tempered Safety Glass: is used where superior strength and safety is required as it resists breakage from impact, wind, chemical damage, abrasion and even severe temperature changes. If breakage occurs the glass shatters into small dull pieces thus reducing the possibility for injury. This glass is ideal for doors, windows, shower enclosures, storefronts, displays and even hand railings.

  Argon Gas: is a colourless and odorless non-toxic gas that is injected between the panes of glass creating greater energy efficiency.


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