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Janasi is a trusted player in the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) industry with thousands of active installations spread out across the world. Decades of industry experience and design innovation have resulted in the most reliable and cost effective natural gas solutions available today.




Fast: Our dispenser is capable of above average filling times, cutting up to 50% of filling up times. Implementing our unique algorithm “AGFILL” we are able to completely eliminate mid-fill disconnections required by other dispensers.

With our top of the line flow meter we ensure a measuring accuracy of ±0.5% delivering high reliability to every single user.

Reliable: We are the only CNG dispenser manufacturer develops its own hardware and software, all the way from mechanical controls and valves to electronic boards and Coriolis mass flow meters. This allows hardware and software to blend in seamlessly providing the user with a vastly superior experience over other dispensers.

Eagle Eye


Live, aware, intelligent and connected. Eagle Eye SCADA is the most intuitive way to interact with your CNG dispenser.

  • Watch all connected equipment live as if you were in front of it.

  • AI algorithms, email and SMS dispatch engineers to sites if servicing is required. Event occurrence and their status is updated automatically.

  • Get daily, weekly or monthly sales reports,

  • Accounting and billing for fleet customers can be generated systematically.

This neatly engineered piece of software comes with all of our CNG units with no additional cost and only requires a single ethernet connection.