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 The Gandhi family has been in business for 116 years from India to North America.



If you have an Idea and would like it developed or produced Please call us at 1-877-937-3206.

 Since then it has been the parent company to many fruitful enterprises mostly in the arena of research and development for the creation of many unique products and designs.

Hybrid Electric coming soon

 29 years ago, we showed the world that Hybrid cars are feasible. We developed and constructed one of the world's first gas-electric hybrid cars and drove it from United Nation Plaza in New York to Victoria, BC a distance of 5000 miles/ 8500 Km during the 1986 World's Exposition.

* Hybrid Power systems for Cars.


* Retail Gasoline Pumps or Dispensers single. Dual, MPD and Quad with Fleet, Credit, Debit and Smart      Card Systems.

* Retrofit Kits for any pump or dispenser.

* Wireless systems for service station Automation

* Dye and Additive injection systems.

* Bulk Plant Delivery System

* Truck mounted metering system with complete pos system.

* Universal Automatic Temperature Compensation Systems for any Pump or Dispenser in the world.

* Electronic Aircraft Refueling systems

* PC and Web based Consuls for service stations.

  Gandhi Machine Works               

 Manufactures and markets a complete range of Blind manufacturing and Automation equipment for window fashion & Retractable Screen industries.

 * Automatic 1" Venetian Blind Machine.

 * Automatic 2" Venetian Blind Machine

 * Automatic 1" Wood & PVC Blind Machine.

 * Universal 1" & 2"Automatic Ladder Machine.

 * Air & Hydraulic Punches Blind Manufacturing.

The Blind Factory      

Markets and offers a complete turnkey business under the trade name "The Blind Factory" or Bravo Window Fashion.


Bravo Window Fashion   

Vancouver Island's Only True Manufacturer of Complete Window Fashions:

 * Wood Shutters  * Cellular Shades  * Pleated Shades  * Sun Shades

* Roman Shades  * Verticals Blinds  * Roller Shades  * Vertisheer

* Magisheer  * Venetian Blinds          * Skylight Shades 

* Home Theater Blackout Shades     * Motorized Shades


 Bravo Screens           

Canadian manufacturer and distributor of Retractable Screens/ Motorized Retractable Screens designed with the Patented Clutch system that will open very smoothly.

Guaranteed no slamming when the screen is opened.

World's finest  Retractable Screen Systems.

  * Retractable Screens for the following

 * Single, Double, French and Garage Doors.

 * Vertical and Horizontal Windows.


We are the manufacturer of FlexAscreens, flexible insect & Sun screens will fit any shape of windows, doors & openings. We use VELCRO® Brand fasteners & Phifer glass mesh.We have 8.6 million screens installed world wide.

Phiferglass fiberglass screening is constructed of vinyl-coated fiberglass yarns. Phiferglass is strong, long lasting and is not easily damaged, which makes it virtually the "carefree screening." Fiberglass screening is available in a choice of several meshes and colors. It is the original equipment on many windows, particularly those windows which have "half-screens," and on many storm windows. Phiferglass is also the ideal choice for large patio enclosures and for pool enclosures.
These screens are Custom manufactured to your measurements, you can choose from the following different screen materials.


Ecom Secure Inc    


In the business of providing real time E-Commerce solutions.

Ecom Secure Inc is Canada's leading provider of E-Commerce, Electronic payments, Gopos Web Based solutions, including merchant account, credit card payments, EFT and Auto Debit services.

In 1999, E-Com Secure Inc. expanded on existing technology designed by our other division, P.C. Technology, which has been exclusively created for the Credit Card Authorization and Processing Business in the petroleum sector, I.E., pay at the pump for Fleet & Credit Card transactions for the past 16 years. During that time, our innovative system have shown durability and reliability while processing billions of transactions.

We are now bringing this proven technology to you and the web for E-Commerce to be used in whole host of exciting applications for any business anywhere in the world.

*E-Commerce solutions.

* Pay at Pump.

*Retail point of sale systems.

* Webased point of sale 

* Web hosting.

* QuickPost for mail,telephone and internet sales.




GOPOS is a Web based Point of Sale & E-Commerce Software with built in Cash, Charge, Credit, Debit, Fleet and Private Label card Processing for any business in the world from retail to wholesale, distribution, service based industries all the way to shipping and manufacturing businesses, as well as any other commerce and merchandising that you can imagine!

* Gopos Webased Point of sale system

* Webased Consul for Service Station

* Retail point of sale system with

* Dedicated Private Wan Lines.

* Pay at Pump for any type of pumps.

* Webased credit, debit and Private card processing.


Bravo-EZ Build   


*Custom  home builders of state of the art eco friendly homes through green building.



No Loss Investment

No Loss Investment is a real estate investment firm that provides low risk opportunities in real estate investing with potential to earn a high return on investment in a relatively short term through the construction and sale of of eco friendly, energy efficient, state of the art custom built homes by Bravo EZ Build.

 Bravo Heat Pumps


We have been selling & installing heat pumps in victoria for  over 50 years ago.